Pita Jones

Pita Jones

This is in remembrance of the most sweet and faithful little dog God ever put on this Earth, and He Blessed me with her.

Pita adopted me when she was only 3 months old, weighing in at a tiny 1 1/2 lbs. She came from a Chihuahua breeder we met in a Chihuahua Club my husband and I belonged to. We were at a puppy match with our club where we show our puppies just for fun. We brought 2 little boys that we had bred to show. I saw this beautiful white baby and I couldn’t believe how tiny she was. I fell in love with this baby the moment I saw her, and when I first held her she melted into my arms and my heart. I asked the breeder about the small pup and she told me that the pup was a preemie and that she had carried the little one around in a purse everywhere she went because she had to be fed every 2 hours. I believe that is why Pita was such a sweet loving baby. So anyhow, I traded one of my boy puppies for the sweet little baby we called “Pita”. After a few months we noticed that “Pita” was limping on her left rear leg, so we took her to the Veterinarian only to discover she had a birth defect. We took her to 5 different Vets to see if something could be done, and we were told that there was nothing. So “Pita” would just walk with a limp, she was never in any pain and we loved her anyhow. I had no intentions of returning her to the breeder, I loved her too much already.

Over time I gradually began to develop a problem being in crowds, I grew more uncomfortable and I didn’t want to go anywhere with a lot of people. I noticed how much more comfortable I felt having “Pita” with me, so she became my Emotional Support Dog. She flew to Florida many times when my Mother passed away and also to care for my Father. She became a flying pro, she was always quiet and well behaved so nobody ever had a problem with her no matter where we took her. Then years later we began going to Ignite Church and she was a welcome addition to the congregation. She always rode in the basket on my scooter. The Church people always greeted her and she was loved by everyone there.

By this time she was 10 years old and she had developed Congestive Heart Failure and was quite ill even with the medications. Our wonderful church family Prayed for her and we hoped God would heal her. But this was not to be…November 14, 2016 was one of the worst days of my life. “Pita” had a really bad night and she sat up all night trying to breath. When the Vet opened at 9:00 in the morning we rushed her in and the Dr. gave her a shot and told me to give her the medicine she was on every 2 hours. By 7:00 that night she was so much worse, we rushed her back to the Vet and she said “Pita” was drowning in her own fluid. The Vet told us that the nicest thing we could do was to let her go, nothing else could be done. So My husband and I kissed our baby goodbye and she looked up and kissed me as if to say goodbye mommy, I love you. So as we sobbed and told her what a good girl she was, I held her as the Dr. gave her the shot that would end her pain and let her go be with Jesus. I know that’s where she’s at, In Heaven and we are waiting until we can be together again, sitting at The Feet Of Jesus, Forevermore!

Faye Jones